Military Application Tips & How to Apply

Military Application Tips

Filling Out Your Application

Very Important: DO NOT use military jargon or abbreviations when filling out your job title, duties performed, and other sections of your application and candidate profile. Explain your job duties and titles in non-military terms in case the person reviewing your application is not familiar with military language and jargon.

Please be sure to list your military affiliation: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc.

Do not list your rank as your job title - list the title of your position that you currently hold or held (i.e. military police, tank mechanic, infantry team leader, etc.)

Be sure to complete ALL SECTIONS of your profile and application - including work experience, education, certifications, geographic mobility, military experience, etc. If you have held different jobs while in the military, account for each of those positions separately.

Fill out the Duties Performed section of your profile. Relevant job experience may include outdoor work experience and heavy equipment experience for many of our careers. Be sure to include any and all of this type of experience in that section. Do not assume your job title makes it clear that you performed these duties.

Important: We are committed to a drug-free workplace. Applicants receiving conditional job offers will be required to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test. Refusal to take a drug test or a positive test will result in loss of conditional job offer.

When and How to Apply

We recommend that you apply for open positions when you are within 90 days of the actual date you can begin employment. If you are taking "Military Terminal Leave", your availability date starts on the first day of Terminal Leave.

If you are invited to interview for the position for which you applied, you must travel to the location of the position for the interview. Be sure that you will be available to travel to the interview when applying.

If you are outside of 90 days before you are able to start employment, you can create your Candidate Profile now and then apply when you are within the 90 day window. Please log in to our Career Site periodically to view our current positions and check the status of your application.

If you have a residence or local address in the geographical area of the job for which you are applying, utilize that address in your communication data.

Use an email address and telephone number where you will receive communication from Patterson-UTI. Please utilize the email address that you check most frequently to avoid any missed information or event details which will be pertinent to you. Do not use your government issued email address if you will not have access to it after your separation from the military.