APEX-XK 1500®

The APEX-XK 1500® rig is our newest design for safe, fast moving, fit-for-purpose rigs. With numerous innovative features and advances, the APEX-XK 1500® rig is designed to improve overall drilling efficiency. From mobility to drilling, the rig’s operations improve value for our customers by increasing the time a bit is on bottom and reducing non-productive time and rig move cycle time.

The APEX-XK 1500® rig is equipped with the latest in AC drilling technology. The advanced operating system allows the driller to set strict drilling parameters, which enhances the ability to deliver superior drilling rates in tough drilling conditions. This advanced operating and control system also offers a platform for drilling process automation. The APEX-XK 1500® comes standard with the latest in rig floor handling systems, which helps improves the safety of our employees and efficiency for our customers.

While on multi-well pads, the APEX-XK 1500® with full X-Y walking capabilities offers a more open design at ground-level around the sub-structure and allows for greater and more efficient movement and clearance over wellheads and other structures on the pad, for increased operational flexibility.

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During rig moves the APEX-XK 1500® rig exemplifies efficiency. From the modular design and dedicated shipping skid for the mast to the unified skids for the solids control equipment, the rig was designed to improve move times between locations. The APEX-XK 1500® routinely achieves rig move times of less than 3 days, adding increased value to our customers.

Additional options for the APEX-XK 1500® rig include winterization for cold climates, additional racking capacity for longer horizontals, larger certified gas buster, and bi-fuel or full natural gas engine conversions for lower operating costs and reduced emissions.