Our Code of Ethics

Upholding honesty and integrity at every level is critical to our success. We each have a responsibility to act professionally, understand the Company Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, policies and applicable laws, promptly report concerns and share the Company’s commitment of mutual respect by demonstrating courtesy and civility.

Patterson-UTI's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines the standards and principles that all employees, officers and directors must follow when working with co-workers, vendors, customers or other third parties. The policy addresses conflicts of interest, confidentiality, fair dealing with others, proper use of company assets, compliance with laws, insider trading, keeping of books and records, zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment in the work environment, use of company computers and communications equipment and reporting of violations. Our dedicated Global Anticorruption Policy prohibits all forms of bribery, addresses training and provides the requirements for careful due diligence of potential partners and intermediaries.

Patterson-UTI does not tolerate any retaliation against an employee who in good faith asks questions, makes a report of actions that may be inconsistent with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, policies or laws or regulations or who assists in an investigation of suspected wrongdoing.

Patterson-UTI respects and values human rights. As detailed in our Human Rights Policy, we aim to treat all human beings with honesty, fairness and dignity in all aspects of doing business.

Our Vendor Guidelines set forth our expectations of our suppliers and vendors with regard to human rights, health and safety, environmental management, ethics and other areas.   



Secure Hotline for Asking and Reporting at Patterson-UTI
Report a concern or ask a question through your supervisor, manager or HR representative or by using the SHARP Hotline. The SHARP Hotline is available 24/7, online or by phone, and you have the option of remaining anonymous.

You have a responsibility to speak up if you think something’s wrong — that’s how we get better and safer and grow as a company.

Launch SHARP

Take responsibility for doing the right thing when facing tough choices.

At Patterson-UTI, ethical behavior means always acting with integrity and doing the right thing. That means using good judgement and following applicable laws. We strive to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Not because it's the law, but because it's the right thing to do.

Report concerns about actions that may be inconsistent with our Code, policies, laws or regulations.

Our code applies to all directors, officers and employees of Patterson-UTI and its affiliates. Business partners and joint venture partners are an extension of Patterson-UTI and can have an impact on our good name. For this reason they are expected to act consistently with our code.

Create an environment where people are comfortable speaking up.

Each of us plays a critical role in safeguarding the reputation of the company. All Patterson-UTI employees are responsible for speaking up anytime they become aware of potential violation of our code, policies or laws.

Make sure no one who speaks up in good faith ever suffers retaliation.

We encourage a supportive environment where people are free to ask questions and raise concerns. We listen and respond. We strive for an atmosphere based on mutual respect and free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.