Our Commitment

Patterson-UTI is committed to a clean and healthy environment with long-term sustainability. It is our goal to minimize our environmental impact in the communities in which we work and live, while providing services for our customers in a safe and responsible manner. We are pursuing various initiatives to make improvements in air quality, water quality, land usage, use of energy and reducing waste materials.

Environmental Sustainability

Air quality

Patterson-UTI employs engines capable of using bi-fuel. We offer capabilities for both pressure pumping and drilling where the fuel mixture can be up to 70% natural gas. Natural gas as fuel is significantly better from an environmental perspective as it generates less carbon dioxide than diesel fuel, as well as less particulate matter. By utilizing high percentages of natural gas instead of diesel, engines can burn cleaner, offer reduced emissions and improve air quality.

Water quality

We work with our customers to ensure industry best practices when performing operations. We strive to maintain isolation of drilling and completion activities in order to protect the quality of ground and surface water.

Land use

Patterson-UTI Energy works hand in hand with our customers to minimize environmental impact. We have processes, long-term initiatives and fluid containment in place to minimize our footprint when setting up drilling and pressure pumping equipment at the well sites.

Efficient use of energy

We strive to maximize fuel efficiency. One example of this is seen in our ongoing upgrade of our drilling rig fleet. Our high-spec APEX® rig design uses AC power and control systems to significantly improve energy efficiency compared to previous generations of drilling rigs. Through the use of upgraded rigs, we can transfer energy from the diesel and natural gas fuels to the overall drilling process in a more fuel-efficient manner.


Our facilities and our operations use a variety of initiatives to minimize waste materials such as recycling of paper materials or sending metal-based materials for reprocessing and re-use. In this effort, we are able to reduce physical waste and improve the quality of the environment in which we work.

Social Sustainability

As part of the society in which we work and live, our people are our biggest asset, and we are committed to their safety, health, security and professional development so that they can continue to be positive contributors.


Our goal is to provide an incident-free work environment. Our managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of our people and are committed to ensuring that they have safe working equipment, required personal protection and training for their tasks.


Our health and wellness program provides for extensive preventative care and is designed to improve our employees' fitness for work, personal safety on the job and overall well-being.


We are committed to fostering a work environment where all people feel valued and respected.

Professional Development

We offer individuals in our company the opportunity to advance in their professional careers through intensive, multi-day classroom training programs in numerous skills and competencies, as well as management training programs. These programs are geared to providing our employees with a maximum of possible opportunities to advance throughout the company.

Corporate Sustainability

Employee Development and Motivation

Our employees are trained and developed in various skills and competencies directly related to their positions in the safe operations of drilling and completing wells. Further training for certain positions includes leadership and management skills in order for individuals to be able to progress within our organization.

Corporate Governance

Corporate oversight and governance is performed by the Board of Directors and their committees. The make-up of the Board of Directors is reviewed to ensure that the Board is comprised of individuals with diverse skill sets in the areas of general business and the oil and gas industry in order to best serve the shareholders.

Performance-based Compensation

Compensation for executive management is managed by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors. This topic is addressed in detail in the section entitled Compensation Discussion and Analysis of our Proxy Statement for the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which may be accessed electronically through the "SEC Filings" link in the "Governance" section of our website.

Risk analysis

Risk in our business and to our company is evaluated by management so that plans can be put into place to minimize and manage risks to our company, to clients and to individuals. Our Board of Directors evaluates its role in risk oversight on an ongoing basis.