Conference Room Instructions

Guest Wifi Access

Network Name: PT0306EN Guest

Security Key: PatEnergy!1

How to Connect to Barco Clickshare

Plug in the Button:

  • Connect the Clickshare Button to your laptop (whether it’s running Windows or macOS) Via USB-C Port.


  • Open the Clickshare App.


  • Once the Button is ready (static white), click on the button. The Button will change to static red, and your screen content will be shared on the display.

Additional Barco Clickshare Notes

Button light meaning:

  • No light – not plugged into a computer
  • Rolling or Blinking White – Drivers loading please wait
  • Solid White – Ready to project (Push Button to begin)
  • Red – Projecting (Push Button to end)

If you encounter any issues, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Email: Phone: 844-346-0811


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