Rent The Equipment, Own the Success

From drilling to completions to production, Great Plains Oilfield Rental supports you with the ultimate toolbox of premium services, rental equipment and professionally trained crews. Utilizing advanced equipment tracking technology, we ensure the right equipment for the jobsite.

To meet your cost-effective, high-quality needs, bundle our integrated equipment and services and leverage our industry expertise. Great Plains Oilfield Rental also conducts full inspections and thorough cleanings after every job so the equipment will perform and look new.


Great equipment is only part of the package for our customers. We pride ourselves on being flexible and providing solutions for every drilling project. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your equipment needs.

Rental Services

We carry a large inventory of rental equipment for the drilling industry. This includes drill pipe, drill collars, Hevi-Wate drill pipe, tubing, blowout preventers, frac tanks, mud tanks, mud systems and sand separators to meet the needs of different regions.

Air Drilling Packages

Great Plains Oilfield Rental’s air drilling packages increase drilling speed and efficiency while maintaining industry-leading quality and safety standards. Our complementary services and equipment accommodate custom pressure and volume requirements. We specialize in different methods such as dust drilling, mist drilling, foam drilling, aerated drilling and nitrogen membrane to reach hard, dry formations that produce relatively few formation liquids. To boost air drilling potential, we provide ongoing training for our air jammers to further develop their knowledge and proficiency.

Mud Service Delivery

Our reliable mud service delivery reduces transit time and ensures on-time transport. Great Plains Oilfield Rental utilizes skid or trailer-mounted 500 bbl mud tanks with electric and/or diesel pumps. This enables you to roll mud on location in between jobs, avoiding transport of the OBM back to the vendor for reconditioning.

Water Transfer Services

From finding water sources to securing permitting, Great Plains Oilfield Rental’s water transfer service goes above and beyond. We work in partnership with your completions teams to conveniently deliver water where and when you need it. Great Plains Oilfield Rental safely transfers frac water through various line sizes at a rate greater than 100 BPM while upholding environmental standards. We provide best-in-class water transfer operations built on a foundation of employee development and service quality programs. Staff engineers advise on design and highly trained crews install and operate state-of-the-art pumps, tools, excavating equipment and pipe fusing. Field managers receive advanced training to precisely calculate specific rates and volumes.