The APEX 1500® rig is a mobile, safe, and efficient rapid deployment rig. With numerous innovative features and advances, the APEX 1500® rig is designed to improve overall drilling efficiency.

The result is the perfect solution - the APEX 1500® rig - where safety, speed, and efficiency are combined to help our customers execute their drilling programs successfully. The traveling block, rotary table, and top drive remain mounted in the mast and substructure during transportation and assembly. The APEX 1500® rig comes equipped with advanced AC controls, high capacity pumps, top drive, hydraulic catwalk, BOP handling system with an option to add a walking package and a high-torque topdrive.

Today's drilling industry requires reliability, quality, efficiency and value. Our APEX 1500® rig provides a comprehensive pad drilling solution, and we provide crews who are committed to working safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way, all of which makes Patterson-UTI Drilling the perfect choice for meeting the drilling needs of our customers.

Additional options for the APEX 1500® rig include a multi-directional walking system for pad drilling, winterization for cold climates, larger certified gas buster, and bi-fuel or full natural gas conversion.