The APEX PK rig is another example of high spec drilling technology available in Patterson-UTI’s APEX® Series of pad capable rigs that offer peak performance.

The APEX PK is equipped with cutting edge AC drilling technology. The innovative operating system allows the driller to set strict drilling parameters which enhances the ability to control the drilling operation, resulting in superior drilling results in harsh drilling conditions. The APEX PK is able to achieve best in class rig moves due to its simplistic design. This advanced operating and control system also offers a platform for integrated drilling automation. The APEX PK comes standard with:

  • 750,000lb Mast Rating w/ 142’ Clear Height
  • Two 1600HP 7,500psi Mud Pumps with optional third pump
  • Varco 500T TDS-11 SA Top Drive
  • 20,000+ Setback of 5” DP with optional upgrade to 24,500’
  • Walking system capable of moving w/ 600,000lbs full setback capacity 90’X30’
  • Rig platform containment system zero percent discharge system
  • BOP Hoisting System remains in substructure for transport with individual skid
  • HPU, Accumulator and Walking System are housed in substructure
  • 3 shakers

Additional options for the APEX PK rig include winterization additional racking capacity for longer horizontals, larger certified gas buster, third mud pump and bi-fuel or full natural gas engines conversions for lower operation costs and reduced emissions. Today’s drilling industry requires reliability, quality, efficiency and value. Our APEX PK rig provides advanced technological and engineering features for a comprehensive drilling solution, and we provide crews who are committed to working safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way, all of which makes Patterson-UTI Drilling the perfect choice for meeting the drilling needs of our customers.