The APEX WALKING® rig is a similar design as our newest generation of high efficiency AC technology rigs for multi-well pad drilling. From on-pad mobility and drilling performance optimization to structural design and winterization, this rig’s capabilities have benefited from a wide array of improvements designed to improve safety, increase mobility and reduce non-productive time. The result is the ultimate solution - the APEX WALKING® rig, where safety, speed, and efficiency are combined to help our customers execute their multi-well pad drilling programs successfully.

Much like the APEX-XK 1500® rigs, our APEX WALKING® rig is designed with the latest in AC drilling technology. The advanced operating system allows the driller to set strict drilling parameters, which enhances the ability to deliver superior drilling rates in tough drilling conditions. We also have the ability to design and equip our walking system to any of our rig designs in order to improve efficiencies in pad drilling.

We recognize customer expectations to have environmentally friendly drilling programs in conjunction with multi-well pad designs, and we believe our APEX WALKING® rig is the answer. Our market leading mobility system allows the rig to move forward, sideways or in a circle with pipe racked back, providing increased flexibility for well layout and location constraints. Innovations in the electronic festoon system, flow line manifolds and 1000 barrel mud system allow the rig to move along well layouts in excess of 150’ without the need to move primary equipment beside the rig itself.

Today's drilling industry requires reliability, quality, efficiency and value. Our APEX WALKING® rig provides a comprehensive drilling solution, and we provide crews who are committed to working safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way, all of which makes Patterson-UTI Drilling the perfect choice for meeting the drilling needs of our customers.