Adaptive Auto Driller Advanced drilling control technology that optimizes on bottom performance while alleviating manual tuning, resulting in consistent, reliable, and increased ROP performance. Enhanced Oscillator Automated drill string rotational movement while sliding reduces drag while maintaining accurate tool face control and shortening slide intervals. Stick Slip Mitigation Removes torsional vibrations which in turn maximizes BHA reliability and bit life optimizing ROP. Automated Directional Drilling Control PTEN Direction Steering Control combined with SuperiorQC’s fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) software provides for real-time corrections and accurate well placement, reducing tortuosity and maximizing exposure to targeted production zones. GenAssist Power Management System that can combine Patterson-UTI’s EcoCell technology to offer energy storage capabilities and automated load setting features to achieve optimal fuel efficiency and emission reduction. Directional Steering Control Closed loop technology that automates tool face control, improving slide accuracy and efficiency.