Closed loop technology that automates toolface control while slide drilling, enabling the process of remote directional drilling control. Automating routine tasks like back to bottom sequences with adaptability to create more consistency and continued improvement. Server grade machine allowing powerful real-time applications in multiple program languages. Engine Automation application managing engines online for optimal power efficiency. Automated pipe oscillation while slide drilling to increase ROP and assisting directional driller in manual toolface steering. Adaptive control loops maximize rate of penetration (ROP) through changing formations and minimize dysfunction. Easy to use interface that accelerates driller learning and development. Removes harmful torsional vibration allowing for increased ROP, lifespan of the drill bit, and other BHA components. Single choke manifold integrated into the rig HMI and operated by driller. With the combination of Superior QC’s HiFi Nav plus CORTEX TF Control we have a next generation offering purposefully built around accuracy and easy to use interfacing.