Rig Summary

Current regional breakdown of our active land-based rig fleet operations.

The Rig Summary is intended as a service to our customers. Patterson-UTI does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content, which may not reflect real-time data. The Rig Summary information is not intended to be, and should not be used as, a basis for making an investment decision regarding Patterson-UTI securities.

The APEX of drilling performance

The APEX-XK 1500® rig is our flagship design for safe, fast moving, fit-for-purpose, pad-drilling rigs. With numerous innovative features and advances, the APEX-XK 1500® rig is designed to improve overall drilling efficiency.

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The APEX of drilling performance

The APEX PK rig is another example of high spec drilling technology available in Patterson-UTI’s APEX® Series of pad capable rigs that offer peak performance.

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The APEX of drilling performance

The APEX XC® 1500 is the latest Patterson-UTI multi –functional rig design. This pad capable rig is specifically engineered for multi- well, extended reach horizontals. Patterson-UTI has designed the APEX-XC® to be the most advanced modular Box-on-Box design in the Industry by integrating auxiliary equipment into the bottom boxes, which enables the rig to have one of the most efficient walks and pad to pad rig moves in the industry.

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APEX 1500

The APEX of drilling performance

The APEX 1500® rig is a mobile, safe, and efficient rapid deployment rig. With numerous innovative features and advances, the APEX 1500® rig is designed to improve overall drilling efficiency.

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The APEX of drilling performance

The APEX WALKING® rig is a similar design as our newest generation of high efficiency AC technology for multi-well pad drilling. From on-pad mobility and drilling performance optimization to structural design and winterization, this rig’s capabilities have benefited from a wide array of improvements designed to improve safety, increase mobility and reduce non-productive time.

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The APEX of drilling performance

Patterson-UTI Drilling maintains an inventory of conventional rigs that are fit-for-purpose in multiple drilling applications across the United States.

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Innovative Solutions

PTEN+™ Performance Center

A central command center dedicated to rig monitoring, intelligence and analytics staffed with systems analysts and engineers who collect and analyze data to ensure our rigs are maximizing performance and returns.


Our proprietary Operating System for Apex Rigs™ serves as the central platform to applications for optimizing, monitoring and automating rig equipment functions. Together with our PTEN+™ performance center in Houston, Cortex® enhances our ability to improve drilling performance for our customers.


Patterson-UTI’s power generation optimization system, GenAssist, can leverage energy storage with engine automation to achieve the best possible fuel economy and emissions levels.

Management Systems

Consistent Tier 1 performance can only be achieved with clearly communicated and documented expectations. Our web-based platform is utilized companywide to unify rig site locations to ensure consistent performance and compliance to PTEN culture.


Our complete rig control system is built for operating, monitoring and managing rig floor equipment in the safest, most effective method while maximizing efficiency with a full redundancy of critical systems.

Max Torque®

More speed, more power, more torque. Drill deeper, more complex wells and extended-reach laterals with our Max Torque® upgrade. Achieve the highest torque rating for a TDS- 11 by upgrading only four components. Available to operate on any AC-Powered APEX® Series Rig.