To achieve success in hydraulic fracturing, efficient procurement and sand and chemical logistics is critical. Complex operations and challenging conditions demand a centralized command center that connects technical experts with precise equipment. Universal Pressure Pumping’s innovative Logistics Center standardizes processes to produce predictable outcomes.

Mobile Reporting

Our mobile technology bridges the gap between field workers and management for streamlined operations and safety reporting.

Immediate feedback

Complete with detailed reports, statistics and maps, our mobile application allows us to quickly identify and prevent potential risks.

Centalized Logistics Center

  • 24/7 dispatch personnel
  • Central scheduling and tracking software
  • Mobile phone apps in the field

Gardendale Transloading Facility

UPP sources only the highest quality natural sand proppants from reputable sources, and ships them via unit train to a 40,000 ton storage facility near Cotulla, TX. This world-class terminal is owned and operated by UPP, and solely services its operations. 

Rail Spurs

Upon arrival, sand hauling trucks are issued state-of-the-art electronic BOLs and loaded in 7 minutes or less by gravity from silos. Rail spurs at the site also have the length to support 300+ rail cars to transload additional supply directly into trucks.


From the site, loaded trucks have direct access to I-35 for transport to locations throughout the Eagle Ford basin. Our supply chain and distribution systems are designed to ensure 100% certainty of supply of chemicals, proppants, and fuel to the wellsite.