Universal provides unsurpassed pressure pumping, cementing, acidizing and reservoir enhancement services to the oil and gas industries.

Committed to the highest standards of safety, ethics, and innovation, we value our relationships with our customers and our communities and treat them as partners. Our dedicated workforce enables us to produce results by combining technical excellence with outstanding service.





Acidizing Services

Nitrogen Services

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Strengthen Production at Every Stage

From planning to execution, Universal Pressure Pumping coordinates state-of-the-art pressure-pumping equipment, horsepower and highly trained crews so you can get better production from every stage. While market conditions fuel the need for efficient processes to reach energy resources, we continue to leverage our pressure-pumping expertise to minimize completion days per well, reduce safety incidents and pump record stages per day.

We regard our customers as partners. Universal Pressure Pumping collaborates with you to engineer custom solutions integrating our state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained crews, innovative technology and supply chain management.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Universal Pressure Pumping’s state-of-the-art, high-pressure equipment is customized for unconventional resource plays and is supported by an experienced team of professionals to drive operational excellence. Our preventive maintenance and equipment rebuild initiatives ensure our fleets are among the most advanced in the industry. Regular in-house maintenance maximizes our equipment’s run time, ensures reliability and long-lasting performance.

Trained Crews

We don’t leave our operations to chance, so we’re ready and flexible at every stage. Field safety and training coordinators equip sites with the necessary resources to operate safely and responsibly, and deliver dependable performance. Universal Pressure Pumping uses mentorship and job-safety analysis programs, teamwork & communication initiatives, employee training & field audits to achieve record-breaking stage counts, while upholding industry-leading safety standards. Our culture is founded on pride and our crews practice accountability and ownership daily. We operate with purpose, focus and professionalism, because your company deserves rapid returns and timely deliveries.

Innovative Technology

Universal Pressure Pumping delivers measurable results. We meticulously monitor operations, use clear performance metrics and adopt innovative technologies to identify opportunities for improving reservoir yield and integrity. Our bi-fuel engines can burn a fuel mix comprised of up to 70% natural gas, reduce operating costs by lowering fuel costs and create environmental sustainability — all without compromising torque and horsepower. Natural gas fueled engines are also an available option with Universal fracturing services and offer the potential to reduce costs and emissions. The natural gas engines can be operated on field gas from the operator’s pipeline infrastructure, compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas. Our Friction Reducer Flow Loop provides in-house testing to reduce the lead time spent waiting on results from outside labs and provide ultimate quality control data.


Strategic sourcing agreements allow us to quickly identify bottlenecks, resolve issues and track performance. Managing transportation, distribution, sourcing and storage drives our ability to quickly adjust to changes. Universal Pressure Pumping continues to transform transactional vendor relationships into trusted partnerships to assure consistent performance and timely delivery.