Our Services

Sometimes to think outside of the box, you first must get out of the office. Universal's team believes in being hands on, overseeing field issues in person, working closely with our site crews and customers one-on-one. That persistence and commitment leads to new, creative solutions to your toughest completion challenges. Guided by 40 years of firsthand insights, Universal is consistently learning, thinking, and delivering exceptional results to our customers. We believe our commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation will continue to lead toward improvements in well performance.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Universal is a full-service, Tier 1 fracturing company willing to push boundaries, test limits, and question yesterday’s orthodox solutions so that we can develop new ideas that help our customers succeed. From conception to execution and chief executive to field technician, Universal supplies a complete suite of custom engineered solutions to manage your most challenging projects. Our commitment to creative thinking, operational excellence, and service quality sets Universal apart.


  • Fluid Compatibility
  • Water Analysis
  • Atmospheric Viscosity
  • High Temperature/High Pressure Viscosity
  • Linear Gel Viscosity Testing
  • Linear Gel Viscosity Break Profile
  • Crosslink Viscosity Testing
  • Crosslink Viscosity Break Profile
  • Acid Compatibility
  • Acid Titration
  • Surfactant Surface Tension Testing
  • Surfactant Non/Emulsifier Performance Optimization
  • Bacteria Kill Studies
  • Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) testing
  • Corrosion Inhibition Testing
  • Clay Stabilizer Testing (Capillary Suction Time)


  • Fluid Compatibility
  • Water Analysis
  • Friction Flow Loop (½ inch and ¾ inch tube diameter)
  • Friction Reducer Booster testing


From Northern White to in-basin sand, Universal has the strategic supplier partnerships to meet all of your proppant needs. We also have the ability to supply specialty proppants including resin coated, ceramic, and bauxite.


Universal has delivered cementing insight and innovation to our customers for more than 40 years. The technical services team implements zonal isolation technologies to minimize customer risks and develops engineered solutions to maximize well production. Our operations team delivers safe, professional, well-trained and competent personnel to execute customized designs that are modeled consistently to our clients’ specific requirements.

State-of-the-art cement lab testing capabilities in the U.S. South and North enable us to test and qualify cement slurries to meet customer-specific well conditions. Our comprehensive suite of solutions to meet customers’ long-term zonal isolation needs includes a robust HSE component that is integral to our operations.

Lab Services

Universal’s in-basin laboratories provide timely and cost-effective solutions for improving performance of our client’s wells. Universal’s laboratory services include researching, designing and evaluating new products in collaboration with our industry partners; developing industry leading cement slurries to solve well challenges; and analyzing field samples to provide meaningful treatment guidance. Quality control of additives and dry-blended cement slurries helps to support field operations and gives our customer peace of mind that the products they are receiving are going to perform as expected for their specific application.


Universal’s focus on creative solutions is on display in our centralized logistics facility. Using state-of-the-art technology, we supply consistent performance for our customers. We constantly evaluate our supply chain to quickly identify bottlenecks. In the oilfield, logistics issues will happen, but we adapt and adjust quickly, finding new ways to make timely deliveries for our customers. Our ability to provide a full-service solution allows Universal to adjust to changing customer needs as well as industry conditions.

Creativity is Universal