Performance Optimization

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PTEN+ Performance Center

Performance Center

Our PTEN+ Performance Center is at the foundation of our operations. A dedicated team diligently monitors real-time data and analytics, reports, and automated alerts for the entire rig fleet. This insight allows the team to proactively identify issues before they arise, offers support to the field, and ensures operations remain on critical path.

PTEN+ Performance Optimization Engineering

Performance Optimization Engineering

Our PTEN+ Performance Optimization team bridges the gap for data driven decisions. Our team works directly with our customers to identify the objectives and potential challenges of the specific project, and leverages data to better understand improvement opportunities. Our team is fully integrated with operations in the field as well as the PTEN+ Performance Center. This additional oversight ensures performance is optimized real-time and customer expectations are met.

REX Alerts

Rigs are creating an immense amount of data every second. With a focus on making real-time data actionable, we created REX - Rules Engine Exchange. Our team partners with customers to code custom alerts and alarming specific to our customers' needs. REX will alert it's users, individual or company-wide, distributing instantaneous information to any shareholder assigned to the well. Examples of alarms include: Dysfunction Monitoring, Well Control Monitoring, Stuck Pipe Prevention, Equipment Monitoring, and Procedural Compliance.

PTEN+ Portal


Our PTEN+ Portal creates a gateway for customers to view the aggregated data coming from the rig. The Portal hosts applications, interactive dashboards, and Real-time Rig Viewer (RRV), and the Power Management Page.

Real Time Rig Viewer

Dashboard to provide our business partners with live a streaming data feed tied directly to their contracted rigs' sensors.

Power Management Dashboard

The Power Management Dashboard provides real-time visualization and analytics for power solutions through our PTEN+ Portal. With this interactive and intuitive dashboard, customers are able to monitor engine traces, track fuel consumption and emissions, and set alarms with REX (Rules Engine Exchange).

Performance Optimization

  • PTEN+ Performance Center
  • PTEN+ Performance Optimization Engineering
  • REX Alerts
  • PTEN+ Portal
  • Real Time Rig Viewer
  • Power Management Dashboard