Low Carbon Solutions

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Innovators of Sustainability

The EcoCell® energy management system is our in-house developed lithium ion battery storage solution that can be used to optimize fuel efficiency and emissions. This fully integrated and automated system reduces fuel consumption, reduces air emissions, and although the battery replaces the fourth generator on the rig, it provides more power to the control system than a traditional four (4) generator rig.


Leading the Change

Through years of experience utilizing utility power and transformers, Patterson-UTI and Current Power have designed and packaged a proprietary multi-source power solution, GridAssist®. GridAssist is the most efficient and robust power management system available in the drilling industry. The system is able to supply power to the rig from EcoCell® (battery), high-line (utility power skid), and multiple generators. Along with emissions reductions, this system allows the customer to optimize utility consumption by automating the supply of power with a PLC to meet specific power demand requirements and goals.


Our high-line substation skids allow customers to reach zero on-site emissions by utilizing utility power. Our substation skids are highly customizable for the specific operational transfer schemes. The high-line skids also allow the flexibility for the rig to switch back to generator power, if utility service is not available or limited. high-line may also be an optimal solution for drilling in environments that may be sensitive or restrictive to ambient noise.

Natural Gas Engines

Clean Power, Cleaner Air

Patterson-UTI has been an industry leader in utilizing natural gas as a primary and secondary fuel source for our rigs. Our rich-burn engines are capable of meeting extremely low NOx levels, lowering emissions compared to diesel powered rigs.


Emissions Managed, Solutions Automated.

GenAssist® is an automated engine management system used to deliver consistency in optimizing fuel savings and emission reductions. This system reduces overall generator run hours, increases the average generator load, leading to a reduction in both fuel and emissions.

Dual Fuel

Blending a Better Way

Our dual fuel engines are ideal for customers with field gas available. The ability to blend fuels with substitution rates up to 70% while maintaining diesel power and transient performance make this an economical and environmentally friendly solution, reducing CO emissions by >90%.

Power Management Dashboard

The Power Management Dashboard provides real-time visualization and analytics for power solutions through our PTEN+ Portal. With this interactive and intuitive dashboard, customers are able to monitor engine traces, track fuel consumption and emissions, and set alarms with REX (Rules Engine Exchange).

Low Carbon Solutions

  • EcoCell®
  • GridAssist®
  • High-Line
  • Natural Gas Engines
  • GenAssist®
  • Dual Fuel
  • Power Management Dashboard